Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Change of plans

After hearing feedback from everyone and getting more information on Camp Lamoille we have decided to take a different path for the reunion.  Camp Lamoille is not available over weekends.

The reunion will be based out of Elko. We will do activities in and around Elko.

Thursday morning hike or fishing in Lamoille Canyon.  We can hike to Island lake or Lamoille Lake or for those that prefer to not hike they can stay in the canyon and fish the streams or beaver ponds.  Depending on the dates the lakes could be under snow,  so we will have to play this by ear.
 - Thursday afternoon swimming - Thursday evening dinner somewhere like Basque house or pizza or whatever, everyone pays their own way  *my vote is pizza barn*
Cousins Night out!

Friday morning bowling - Friday afternoon/evening BBQ potluck and everyone donate $$ per person for meat, plus bring a side at park and games, or just playing on the toys at the park. *there are horseshoes pits at one park and volleyball net at a different park*
*Little cousins sleepover/campout*  Need a place for this, any volunteers?

Saturday - Lake( South Fork) all day, everyone can bring their own sandwiches, etc then a potluck dinner or go back to town to a restraunt
*Parents breakfast*

 Sunday - breakfast before everyone leaves (possibly at the manor where grandpa is at)...we can either do a potluck breakfast or go out somewhere
These are just some ideas; if anyone has any other ideas or thoughts please share them in the comments below or via email with Amanda or myself.
For dates we are looking at arriving Wednesday June 18th-June 22nd (sunday).  Some people understandably won't be able to make it for the whole time and some people can come longer.  Once we start getting RSVP's we can plan accordingly, as well.
Also, if you do not have a place to stay or would prefer to stay in a hotel please let me or Amanda know and we can block out some rooms at a hotel.  If you live in Elko and have extra rooms or trailers and are willing to open your home to out of towners let me or Amanda know.  We are hoping to keep costs down for everyone, vacations/traveling is expensive as it is. 
Any questions or concerns??


  1. This all sounds good to me. :)

  2. Hannah's birthday is the 24th possibly a party while everyone is in town?

    It doesn't have to happen but I know how much she loves her cousins.

  3. And everything above sounds good too.