Thursday, July 25, 2013

Campout update! Birthday update!

Friday morning bowling - Friday afternoon/evening BBQ potluck and everyone donate $$ per person for meat, plus bring a side at park and games, or just playing on the toys at the park. *there are horseshoes pits at one park and volleyball net at a different park*
*Little cousins sleepover/campout* 
PLACE: Jakes house in Spring Creek
Chaperones: Amanda, Jake, Myself,
*If anyone else wants to chaperone you are welcome!*
As of right now we have two 6 person tents, one boy and one girl tent. We may need one or two more big tents, anyone??
I think that would be wonderful Jess.  Birthdays are the best with family around.  Does anyone else have a birthday close to the reunion dates?  Maybe at the park we can do a big birthday bash for everyone.  Play some kiddy games, cupcakes or cakes, craft, etc...  Would that be ok, Jess?


  1. June 22 is bday for Grandpa, Lyle, and Graham
    June 24 is Hannah
    June 25 is Brian Boner