Friday, July 26, 2013

Bowling Information

I called the bowling alley in Elko to find out information.  To reserve the entire 8 lanes it is $500.  They open at 11 and we have to be out by 2.  The guy did say that for special events they will open earlier (maybe around 9 or 10).  The $500 covers shoe and lane rental for that entire time.  There is a pizza place connected, they have wonderful pizza.  I think they serve other things as well.

They can shut the blinds and turn the lights off to do glow in the dark bowling too. AKA Cosmic bowling!!

Do we want to reserve this? 
So what the plan would be for the cost would be once we find out how many people will be attending we can divide the cost evenly per person or probably per person bowling? Would that work out?

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