Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Phase I

Dear Family,
Amanda and I are in phase I of planning the reunion.  When starting this we wanted to do our best to involve everyone and try to make it to where everyone can attend.  You may ask why Lamoille?  The answer is simple it is the closest place to Grandma and Grandpa.  What is a reunion without the them?  We know they will not be able to stay overnight and may not make it everyday but they will sure do their best.

As of right now the reunion is planned for July 2014.  Dates are not for sure yet.  We are waiting to hear back from Camp Lamoille to see what dates are available.  We feel Camp Lamoille is the best option for all of us.  It has A Frame cabins, basically all it is is a building, no cots, no beds.. So if you want to stay in one of these you will need to bring your sleeping bag, etc... There are places to pitch a tent, and park your trailer, no hook ups though.  It has running water, flush toilets, and showers.  Also there is a mess hall aka dining hall with a fully equipped kitchen perfect for our family meal gatherings if we so choose.  There are trails to hike, streams/rivers to fish, and the lakes are within hiking distance.  I have been told ATVs are allowed on the trails but I am making sure on that one... so don't quote me on that yet.  The facility also has one large fire pit for some campfire fun.  there are places for horseshoes and volleyball; we just have to bring the equipment.
For those that choose not to camp I am looking into Bed and Breakfast and hotel in Lamoille, but I am not sure if they are still open so the best place would be Elko.  Should we choose one hotel and block out a set of rooms or would you prefer to choose your own?
If Camp Lamoille is unavailable we will camp in Thomas Campground.
If you have any other question please contact me at kwgmdg@gmail.com or Amanda at absilverhorn@frontiernet.net

Thank you to those that took the quiz!  It was fun to read the responses.  I forgot to put a place for your name, I assumed the survey would have you put that in there... So if you could let me know somehow what your responses were that would be great.  : ).

In the survey I asked about dinners, breakfast.  I think what we will plan as of right now is each family will do a meal (depending on how many can attend of course)  For example:
Uncle Mikes family will do a meal (Katie, Kim, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Mike), My Dads family (Me, Marcus, Marie,Ashley, Mercy, Mom, Dad) Geez Dad...you will probably get to sit back and dictate, no wonder you have so many children ;) , etc... Make sense?

For activities, we haven't completely figured all this out yet. So stay tuned.

Also, Amanda has set up a facebook account on the reunion where she will post updates too.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you,